We are extremely grateful for the indispensable contribution of volunteers. Without volunteers, the support we offer during the stay of guests / members would become unaffordable. And our terrain and facilities would certainly not look like this without their help!
We are therefore always looking for people who want to contribute their qualities and time to ESTÁ.

Do you feel connected to us and can you regularly make time to work with us? You are most welcome! If you have a proposal of how you can help us or are interested in an exchange (such as a working holiday), we would love to hear from you.

We hold regular volunteer days where we roll up our sleeves at the ESTÁ site. Do you want to contribute to the maintenance and expansion of our facilities? Come and help us during a volunteer day. Contact us for an overview of coming events.

You can help us!

Do you have green fingers? Come and help us with garden work on a permaculture basis (vegetable garden, flower, herb and meditation garden, walking park, etc.)

Do you like to go out? Come walk or jog with Juanjo or guests

Are you a good cook? Take care of vegetarian meals and healthy treats for guests

Are you a true host or hostess? Give our guests a warm welcome during holidays, therapeutic stay, Día ESTÁ, (promotional) activities etc.

Do you want to share what you are passionate about? Creative, therapeutic, cultural or spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga, massage, mantras, channeling, shamanism, homeopathy, anthroposophy, dance, play, music, etc. are always welcome!

Do you want to be creative or do you like make or build things? Come and help us with maintenance work, construction work and the creation of art and play objects

Are you emphatic and do you like to support people? You are welcome to support guests in any area based on your professional qualities

From our perspective, we ask volunteers not to consume alcohol or other stimulants in the presence of guests and to avoid smoking on the grounds, partly due to the risk of fire.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact Paulina, telephone number: (0034) 699040867
And of course you are welcome to meet us during the next Día ESTÁ