It can be a challenge to find a vacation spot where you can be who you are without having to take into account other guests. And where you can also have temporary relief from your care task so that every family member can relax during the holidays.
ESTÁ offers a holiday location where everyone is welcome, where every family member can relax and you can also work on improving mutual relationships and family life when needed.

We consider family life and everything that goes on in and around it extremely important. The basis of everyone’s life is laid in the intimate relationships of the family and the social network in which it is embedded. By focusing our facilities, activities and services on relaxation, awareness, practice, information and exchange, Familia ESTÁ aims to contribute to the quality of family life.

Familia ESTÁ not only supports families, but also needs the support of a ‘family’ to make everything possible. The involvement of many people forms an increasingly solid foundation. Read more about the association model, the goals of Familia ESTÁ and how you can contribute.


Familia ESTÁ stems from the collaboration between Proyecto ESTÁ and Holiday Therapy.

In 2015, Proyecto ESTÁ was born on the private property of Paulina where she lives with foster son Juanjo (a boy with an intellectual disability and autism). It is a beautiful and large terrain that Paulina wants to open up to others. In order to guarantee Juanjo a bright future with sufficient support and also to let other families enjoy their beautiful surroundings, Proyecto ESTÁ was born.
Proyecto ESTÁ was initially aimed at families with a child with intellectual disabilities and / or autism, but through the loving cooperation with Jesse and Laura from Holiday Therapy it feels very natural to offer (what was Proyecto and now is Familia) ESTÁ to all families of the world who can use some extra support.