Learn more about the current team members, those who are actively involved and some special persons who support our association.

Paulina and Juanjo

In 2001 I went to live in Órgiva with my husband Nico. We enjoyed the free life in nature, the beautiful surroundings, the climate and all the lovely people we met here.

We had no children, but in the Netherlands I worked as an assistant in an orthopedagogic center for children with intellectual and physical disabilities. During the weekend I took care of a child with multiple disabilities to relieve his family. This gave me so much love and satisfaction that I also wanted to help the children with special needs in Spain. In 2007 I found my “sweetheart and foster son” Juanjo, through the “ALDAIMA” association (Andalusian association that collaborates with the local child protection).

Unfortunately, Nico became seriously ill with little hope for a cure. This finally gave us 3 years to think about how I would continue with Juanjo and without Nico. My wish was to create a holiday spot for families with family members with special needs. With all the help that Nico could still give me, the first start was made. “Proyecto ESTÁ” was born. After fighting against his illness for 3 years, Nico died at the end of 2015.

In the course of time many fantastic and loving people came into my life. They helped the project grow until we eventually became a large family and it was time to change the name of our association to “Familia ESTÁ”. This name better reflects what we stand for and what we contribute to.
Our goal is to make “Familia ESTÁ” as self-sufficient as possible, but Juanjo will always need professional support, also when I’m no longer there.

I really hope that Juanjo can continue to live in this great place and as a “hosted host” may welcome many beautiful families and individual guests from all over the world.
But for the time being I enjoy (and hopefully for a very long time) being a member of this wonderful Familia ESTÁ, which is formed by a loving team of specialists, volunteers, members and donors.

Laura & Jesse with children Imma, Joas and Levi

Laura has been trained as a pedagogue and is also an Aware Parenting instructor (www.awareparenting.com). Jesse is a psychologist. We have 3 children together. We met Juanjo and Paulina in 2013. Enthusiastically, Paulina shared her vision for the near future with us. From that moment on we were looking forward to a possible collaboration. In 2015 we became neighbors and our cooperation gradually started to take on more concrete forms. Since 2016, Jesse works as Juanjo’s personal coach and Laura is also involved in supporting Juanjo and Paulina.
We also offer systemic support to families and individual support to children, youngsters and adults. The cooperation has become more intensive, the association grew larger and therefore the association was named Familia ESTÁ in the summer of 2018. Since then we have been working together with Paulina and many others on everything that is involved in organizing the activities of the association.
In the fall of 2019 we moved to the Netherlands. Our connection with Familia ESTÁ remains. We are available on request for holiday therapy in Spain, of which the introduction and first steps can already be taken in the Netherlands.


My relationship with this association began about 5 years ago. I was responsible for the renovation and all construction work. Little by little, this association began to grow and I joined them as a volunteer. Now I consider myself a member of this family. I still work on maintenance of the facilities but I also have the great luck to work with Juanjo.

We are Theo and Ineke.
In 2008 we came to live in the Alpujarras, not far from Paulina and Juanjo. We have been involved with Familia ESTÁ as volunteers for a few years. Every month we come to the volunteer day. This is always a fun and nice day, where every time useful and beautiful things are made. A great opportunity for us to be creative together.
It is nice to be a member of this family!

Gonny & Wim Klein Schiphorst, parents of Paulina

We have seen Paulina’s ideal grow for more than 20 years. And with that her enthusiasm and commitment to achieve this ideal. Naturally, we fully support her plans, which have already been realized to a large extent and which we have experienced during our recent visit. We will continue to offer support wherever possible, also in the future. We are proud of what she has already achieved!

More teammembers will follow shortly