Get out of the grind and go on the road! This is a unique opportunity to receive professional attention and input, while you, as a family, spend quality time in a relaxed atmosphere. This is most suitable for families with children aged 0-12 years.

This weekend is particularly suitable for parents who have a specific question in the field of parenting or mutual relationships. But also for those who cannot pinpoint the problem but experience a growing dissatisfaction with family dynamics. Do you want to spend an intensive weekend together with a healthy and strong connection within the family? Then this may just be for you.

2 nights stay
Get information and insight through a weekend together
Investigate and take notice from an open approach
Relaxing activities
Targeted practice
One on one contact
Time out from your children to make room for questions and feedback

Costs for stay with free joint hot lunch: see our accommodation
Costs for the program: donation based*

Are you interested?
Contact us and fill in the short questionnaire that we will send you.
Then we plan an acquaintance through Skype or another such alternative.

* contact us for the current status

This is what guests say about the STEP OUT weekend:

When you realize that something is not right, you put into practice all the resources you know. You want it to work. Adapting a family when incorporating a new member is complicated. It breaks the balance that has been achieved with so much work. And you do not want to look for culprits but solutions. That’s why we went to the therapy of the Familia Esta Association. The two separate weekends, seperated by a month, helped each of us to find our place. We find other solutions for the same problems, other resources. We find ourselves to be more of a group. The children were involved through play. And we spent a few days with each other. Together we had great fun … in a wonderful environment. No doubt an experience to repeat and recycle as a family from time to time.