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 Proyecto Espiral

Proyecto Espiral, a conscious and natural space that offers respectful accompaniment and alternative pedagogies for children ages 2 to 6.
We are open Monday through Wednesday from 9 to 14.
Visit our FaceBook page, “Somos Espiral” to organize a tour or contact Kevin +34 643 121 082.


Asociación Mujeres caminando La Paz




Asociación Disfruta sin Barreras



Asociación Mujeres Orgiva



Herbolario «La Alacena de Begoña»



 * Vacation therapy (Laura & Jesse Verboom for couples and family therapy)
Jesse is a psychologist and Laura is trained as a pedagogue and is also an Aware Parenting instructor (www.awareparenting.com). We are available on request for holiday therapies in Spain,
For more information and a sample program, visit our website.


Bio Thee


Orgiva TeaGarden




MEE Vakantiewijzer

Picture Vakanties