Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Paulina Klein Schiphorst.  Since 2001 I have lived in Órgiva (Granada) and I am the adoptive mother of Juanjo, a child with autism and intellectual disability. In the Netherlands I worked in an ortho-pedagogical day center with these children. And on the weekends I took care of a boy with multiple disabilities so that his family could have a rest. This gave me so much love and satisfaction that I also wanted to help children with intellectual disabilities in Spain. In 2007 I found my child of the heart “Juanjo” through “ALDAIMA” (Attention to the Youth of Andalusia).

My husband Nico became seriously ill and passed away in 2015.  Together with him, the idea of creating an association was born here. This to guarantee Juanjo a good future with sufficient support and also for other families to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Nico was committed to the end when it comes to the construction site and the realization of solar energy. Thanks to this solid foundation, Juanjo and I were able to move on with our lives and with the construction of” Proyecto ESTÁ”.

The name ESTÁ comes from the verb estar, which means “to be” or “to stay.”

Juanjo has periods of time in which he says a few words, often many times in a row, and at the moment when I was looking for a name for the association, he stood next to me and said; ESTÁ, está, está … !!!

(I often sang a song to Juanjo that began with “está, esta´estamos por aquí y vamos a….”, “here, here, here we are and we are going to …” and then I completed the sentence with some activity such as “we are going to school or we are going to eat”, etc.).

Fortunately, together with Juanjo, I met many fantastic people who, full of love, enthusiasm and professionalism, wanted to help shape “Proyecto ESTÁ”.

The association was initially aimed at families with a child with intellectual disabilities and / or autism, but thanks to the close and loving cooperation of the Dutch therapist couple Jesse and Laura Verboom from Holiday Therapy, the doors were opened to all; young and old, with and without request for help, anyone who feels connected to family life, nature, tranquility and personal growth.

“Proyecto ESTÁ” became “Familia ESTÁ”, a family that anyone can join, becoming a volunteer, a member or a donor, organizing parties and activities or through any form of collaboration. A family in which people from all over the world love to come and return.

But Jesse and Laura decided in September 2019 to return to the Netherlands and although they will remain forever intertwined with Familia ESTÁ and want to continue offering therapy vacations here, this was the beginning of a big change at Familia ESTÁ.

Jose, our permanent employee, received open heart surgery and was not allowed to work for long !! Only Águeda was left with an indefinite contract for 4 hours a week, she is of great help in the writing of the texts in Spanish for advertising, taking care of the Meditation Garden and keeping our facilities clean.

And then in March 2020, there was a lockdown due to the Corona virus and even the whole world was turned upside down! We had no guests or employees!

But; NEW IDEAS ARE BORN FROM SILENCE, we will not give up and move on !!

And look! Little by little, new and beautiful things are happening here, like our relationship with “Proyecto Espiral”, which has started a small-scale play class on our site with young children up to 6 years old. Proyecto Espiral hopes to organize more and more activities for children in the future.

We are also building close relationships with other associations such as the women’s associations; “Asociación Mujeres Órgiva” y “Mujeres Caminando la Paz”.

And we hope to strengthen our contact with the Association “Disfruta sin Barreras”, a neighboring association, for people with disabilities, and to be able to receive their members here more frequently for joint activities.

We are very happy that José has been recovered and has become a new member of the board.

Our management team is also complete again thanks to Eda, our new secretary, we are very happy with her as a person, her vast experience as a member of boards of directors in other associations, her organizational talent and her ability to speak several languages perfectly.

My desire to share our “paradise” with others, is now also beginning to take shape more clearly, to keep fixed costs low and not depend too much on the coming and going of permanent employees, now we share our land with everyones that independently want to organize a fun activity, a class/workshop, a birthday-party, or a family / work / friends outing/meeting at our location. View”OFFER”

On this occasion I want to thank each person involved in our project; My Family and Friends in Holland and Spain, all the Employees, Donors, Volunteers and members of “Familia ESTÁ”.  You make the difference! THANK YOU!!


Take care of each other and staying healthy

Loving Greetings from Paulina