Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Paulina Klein Schiphorst.  Since 2001 I have lived in Órgiva (Granada) and I am the adoptive mother of Juanjo, a child with autism and intellectual disability. In the Netherlands I worked in an ortho-pedagogical day center with these children. And on the weekends I took care of a boy with multiple disabilities so that his family could have a rest. This gave me so much love and satisfaction that I also wanted to help children with intellectual disabilities in Spain. In 2007 I found my child of the heart “Juanjo” through “ALDAIMA” (Attention to the Youth of Andalusia).

In order to allow other families with dependent children to enjoy our beautiful surroundings and quiet farmhouse, the idea of ​​creating an association that could make it possible arose. Unfortunately, Nico became seriously ill, but in his best days he was able to complete the construction of two beautiful apartments with solar panels. After his death, I dedicated my life to caring for Juanjo and creating Familia ESTÁ.

The name ESTÁ comes from the verb estar, which means “to be” or “to stay”. Sometimes Juanjo says a few words and then many times in a row. At the moment when he was looking for a name for the association, he stood next to me and said; ESTÁ, está, está,.!!!

Fortunately, together with Juanjo, I met many fantastic people, who helped to form the association with love, enthusiasm and professionalism. Familia ESTÁ, a family that everyone can join by becoming a volunteer, member or donor, organizing activities or other inspiring forms of cooperation. A family where people from all over the world love to come and return.

However, the coronavirus changed everything. No guests, no employees!!! But we don’t give up and go for it!! And you will see new and beautiful things happen, like:
*“Spiral Project” which has started a small-scale play class on the site with young children up to 6 years old.
*New contacts with other associations and organizations.
*In addition, we hope to strengthen contact with the Association; “Disfruta sin barreras”, a local association for people with disabilities, and to be able to welcome its members here more often to carry out joint activities.

Like many parents of children with care needs, I think about the future of my son Juanjo. My greatest wish is of course that he can always live here, even if one day I can no longer be there for him.
To achieve this, a solid foundation is needed for Familia ESTA, so that the organization can continue to provide care to Juanjo and other children in the future.
A start for this is to offer the apartments for long stays to other single mothers and their children who need help.
Why not fathers or couples? As a single mom, I feel more connected to other single moms. They face the same challenges and together we can search, find solutions and shape the future of the ESTA Family.
If you have a warm heart for ESTA Family, then I ask you to spread my wish, to help find a mother with a child (with special needs) who are a complete fit for ESTA Family.
And if you are that mother, please contact me soon, I am looking forward to meeting you!

On this occasion I want to thank each person involved in our project; My Family and Friends in Holland and Spain, all the Employees, Donors, Volunteers and members of “Familia ESTÁ”.  You make the difference! THANK YOU!!


Take care of each other and staying healthy

Loving Greetings from Paulina