We offer you:

*Two apartments for longer periods
Are you a single mother of a child between 16 and 30 years old with autism, an intellectual disability or other care needs? Do you wish to provide care for your child in a healthy environment and in a different way? Do you choose to take care of your child yourself, because you know inwardly that you and your child need it? That’s what I, Paulina, did. My adopted son Juanjo (2001), autistic and mentally retarded, needs intensive care, rest and regularity. The nature surrounding us has a very positive effect on Juanjo, not to mention myself!

Do you long for that too and do you dare to take on this adventure with your child? Familia ESTÁ offers two beautiful apartments “Sierra Lujar” and “Sierra Nevada” on the floor of the cortijo.

Do you want peace and quality time with your child? Are you aware of nature and health? Do you want to be an active part of Familia ESTÁ, where understanding and mutual support are core values? If this is something for you and if you want to know more, please contact Paulina for detailed information about the conditions and costs.

A Camper Spot
A spacious camper place at the entrance of the site with a beautiful wide view over the valley.
You can use the shower with solar water heater and toilet on the party terrace.
A donation or volunteer work for Familia ESTÁ for its use is then greatly appreciated.

Campsite with Camper Unit
On a rustic spot on the site is a simple camper unit (max. 2 pers.) with cooking facilities, double bed, dining table with 2 benches. A natural toilet and a sleeping cabin for children are planned for 2022. If you feel like working as a volunteer on this project, you can stay overnight in the camper unit for free.

Daytime recreation and educational opportunities
Organizations and members can use the large outdoor area of ​​Familia ESTÁ for a donation. Think of workshops, performances, a game day with the family, birthday party, reunion, etc. Our paradise consists of:
· party terrace with bar, cozy seats, kitchen with traditional wood oven to bake pizzas, a small stage, toilet, shower.
flamenco caravan where children can dress up, play and relax
· large fenced playground with swings, trampoline, the zebra car, digging area, etc
· a large stage for, for example, yoga, dance, theatre, music performances and lessons.
swimming pool with 2 water basins and an occasional waterfall (warm months)

Regarding additional hygiene measures, we ask if you can bring your own sheets and towels.

*Day care and work place for people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism
Do you perhaps have an interesting idea or are you looking for
a good location for the realization of a day care or co-working space,
then we would be happy to show you around our site to discuss the possibilities.




For donations; Caixa Bank; ES42 2100 2505 0102 1010 9994 in the name of; Asociación Proyecto ESTÁ
Please mention your name + Whatsapp phone number or email address, we would like to send you a personal thank you!. For anonymous donors, we thank you very much!