Familia ESTÁ offers:

Stay in your own tent or campervan or stay in one of our luxury apartments, “Sierra Nevada” with 3 bedrooms or “Sierra Lujar” with 2 bedrooms. Customized support is available to offer every family member an enjoyable holiday.
While enjoying this special place during your holiday, you directly support our association and the financing of our activities. Read this page to learn more about how this works.


FAMILIES; such as help with the special care of family member(s) during your stay

(YOUNG) ADULTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS; such as promoting autonomy during a weekend or holiday and support at our daily Cooperation Workplace.

INTERNS & VOLUNTEERS; we offer a great workplace with the necessary training and with sufficient space for self-development and input of own ideas

Invest in the quality of relationships within the family; between partners, between children and between parents and children. Here you can work together to improve the quality of family life. We offer possibilities during holidays, weekends and meetings.

Every last Sunday of the month our doors open for all our members and their families. A pleasant meeting between Alpujarreñas and holidaymakers. We organize a different activity each time. The making of delicious pizza in our authentic wood-fired oven is already a tradition.