We are a non-profit organization. This means that every euro that comes in is 100% accredited to ESTÁ and its guests / members. Your financial contribution will be spent on:

* the availability and development of the staff members

* the guidance of the family member with special care needs and his / her family during their holidays on the ESTÁ site

* the guidance and independence training of (young) adults

* the guidance of volunteers / employees with a care request (because of autism and / or an intellectual disability e.g.) during their contribution to the Co-operation Workplace

* the guidance of trainees and our team of volunteers

* maintenance and use of the site and facilities

* realizing new play objects and facilities for holidays and therapy

* organizing other activities, information, open days, publicity etc.

Employees of ESTÁ all have the same basic wage. In addition, we are paying social security contributions for our staff and there is a lot of maintenance on the site and facilities. We do what we can to keep the fixed costs as low as possible. With your financial contribution we want to structurally cover as many costs as possible. Every euro we keep makes support available to members and guests of Familia ESTÁ. We want to keep prices low so that our accommodation, activities and services are accessible to as large a group as possible.
Do you want an up-to-date overview of the costs? Then contact us.

Revenue consists of donations and annual member contributions, rental of accommodation, Día ESTÁ parties and earnings through supporting and therapeutic activities.
Familia ESTÁ aims to offer the support and therapy to guests / members on a donation basis.
To achieve this, we invest in fundraising. We hope to find enough people, organizations and companies who endorse our added value as a special holiday location. Do you believe in what we do and do you want to support us? Then become a member of the association or donate. Members contribute €25,- euros annually.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Our bank account number is: La Caixa Bank ES42 2100 2505 0102 1010 9994 in the name of Asociación Proyecto ESTÁ
To become a member, simply put ´membership, -current year- and emailadress´ in the description when you donate.

PayPal; info@familiaesta.org

For more information you can contact us via info@familiaesta.org or by telephone 0034-699040867