“It is one of those simple but beautiful paradoxes of life: when a person feels that he is truly accepted by another, as he is, then he is free to move from there and to begin to think about how he wants to change, how he wants to grow, how he can become different, how he might become more of what he is capable of being.”

― Thomas Gordon

Holiday therapy is short-term intensive family guidance during your stay at ESTÁ or in the immediate vicinity. You go on vacation and invest in your (family) life in a different way than you are used to. This time you do not go on holiday as a breather to get through the rest of the year, but rather as the start of a change process. It is a combination of relaxation and effort.

Is your holiday the pinnacle of the year because you are unsatisfied about daily life?
Can you only unwind when you are on a break?
Do you experience trouble in your family life, but can’t you find the time and energy to tackle these problems?
Do you react to each other in ways that set a negative spiral in motion?
Do you have (or have had) professional help to face the challenges of family-life, but is it not producing the results you hoped for?
Are you confronted with your own shortcomings and does it have a negative impact on family-members?
Do you and your partner disagree on important matters (parenting, relationships, values and norms) and can’t you find your way out of this?

We believe that there are many advantages to working intensively with the entire family system for a while. This often does not happen in daily life. A holiday is the ideal time to initiate a change process. A moment to be open to change, to gain new insights, to make explicit agreements with each other, to formulate long-term goals that provide short-term solutions. To move from destructive to constructive.

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For our way of working we have found inspiration in, among other things: the ideas of Thomas Gordon, Aware Parenting, Solution-focused therapy, emotion focused therapy (EFT) and Son Rise (autism). We work system-, emotion-, experience- and solution-oriented.
Above all, we are also family members, children, parents, siblings, partners, friends, you name it. All these experiences keep us attuned and in constant development on a personal and professional level.

During your stay we want to be involved in a different way than you are probably used to. This means that we reduce the ‘professional distance’. We would also like to share a bit of our own family life with you. We want to be open towards you, because there is so much wealth in equality and exchange. We are convinced that we can learn from each other.

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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
– Plato

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