An impression of this special holiday spot through the eyes of our guests.

Familia ESTÁ offers truly a dream place for the family. Everything is there for everyone to find happiness. The children have loved the pools and played with cats. We as parents loved the view of the landscape and enjoyed good discussions with Paulina! It is a rather unique place that deserves a visit (even if access is a bit chaotic through a mountain path). It is in an ideal location to discover the region of Granada and Las Alpujarras. Finally the association as a whole is very virtuous for the environment (water and electricity are produced on site which favors a reasonable consumption). As a bonus you will be welcomed by Paulina who is a charming hostess!


A good opportunity to calm down and leave behind everyday life. You have to remember to bring everything you need, as you have to go down the mountain to go to the supermarket. Next time we will spend more time at Familia ESTÁ.

An ideal place to go with children, great to relax and disconnect, enjoying the charms of nature. The hostess is very attentive and hospitable.
Thank you very much for your hospitality and attention Paulina, we have had a great time in a very nice and relaxing place.

Words fall short to describe how much I admire you. How you manage and build up everything here, your love and dedication to Juanjo. You really are a super woman!!
I felt so at home here thanks to you, knowing that I was always welcome to see you. These 9 weeks here were unforgettable for me. I’m really going to miss you and your dear Juanjo … but who knows, it might only be for a short time! We will stay in touch anyway.
I hope that all your wishes and dreams come true for the association and that you will always find great people on your path to help you with that.


Thank you very much for the nice stay! I’m going to miss the place and you very much. You are a remarkable and strong woman. When I get back I will do some odd jobs for you, which I also enjoyed doing here. Have fun and good luck with Juanjo!

Tips and good advice come as they go. I enjoyed and learned again on your ‘therapeutic mountain’. And … if I don’t come back, it is not because of you!



On Friday, February 15, I was very warmly welcomed by Paulina at this beautiful place in Órgiva. It immediately felt like a warm bath that I entered! You radiate so much warmth and love that really moved me! Thank you for this. I had a beautiful apartment for myself, it was great to be there. And all those loving people around you, wonderful to be a part of this.

We have enjoyed your hospitality in the period from 9 to 15 January 2019. Despite the fact we came for the olive harvest 😉
In your beautiful ambiance on the mountain with frost on the ground in the morning and a temperature of 18 degrees in the afternoon.
Enjoying being outside was wonderful.
And inside our apartment it was also enjoyable.


What a wonderful apartment! And what an unforgettable hospitality! A fantastic place full of loving people. We enjoyed everything and will certainly return.

When you realize that something is not right, you put into practice all the resources you know. You want it to work. Adapting a family when incorporating a new member is complicated. It breaks the balance that has been achieved with so much work. And you do not want to look for culprits but solutions. That’s why we went to the therapy of the Familia Esta Association. The two separate weekends, seperated by a month, helped each of us to find our place. We find other solutions for the same problems, other resources. We find ourselves to be more of a group. The children were involved through play. And we spent a few days with each other. Together we had great fun … in a wonderful environment. No doubt an experience to repeat and recycle as a family from time to time.