With this example program you can get an idea what a week of holiday therapy could look like. If you are interested in holiday therapy, a suitable program will be created according to your needs and what is possible for us. This may result in something different from the example program.

When you register for holiday therapy via the contact form, you will receive a questionnaire to fill in and return. This questionnaire gives us insight into your current situation, wishes and needs. Then we would like to get to know each other by ‘meeting’ via skype to break the ice.
After the introduction, we will correspond through email to arrive at a goal-oriented holiday therapy program.

Explanation of program components

You will work together on a project as a form of play and leisure. Working in the vegetable garden, harvesting olives or almonds, working on creative building activities and much more. As long as it is something that you enjoy doing together. Working together gives a lot of insights. How do you communicate with each other? How are you connected to each other? What happens if it goes smoothly and what if something does not work out?

Individual moment
After connecting with each other, there is time for connecting with yourself. What has happened in the cooperation? How did you experience that? What do you like and what not? A moment of peace, reflection and awareness.

The feedback is a moment of (daring) sharing with each other. This is not always easy and may also confront you with challenges. Think of it as an exercise in communicating; recognizing patterns, listening, acknowledging yourself and the other person and connecting with yourself and the other person. We use experiential exercises to visualize mutual relationships and your behavioral patterns.

The end of your holiday therapy is the beginning of a new joint start. You have worked intensively with each other and individually. You have thought about, spoken about, acted out and experienced new things. Attention has been paid to what works for you and how you can continue to expand this together. This will be in your thoughts and affect your actions when everyday life is resumed by everyone. We write and send a report of your holiday therapy.
Moreover, we remain available for contact via mail and Skype.

Do you want to know more or consult about this or other offers from ESTÁ? Contact us.