Our Cooperation Workplace gives you the opportunity to discover, deploy and develop your skills and qualities under appropriate guidance and support. We provide guidance and support for (young) adults with a diversity of care needs. At the same the Cooperation Workplace is a place for interns to contribute, learn and experience under supervision.

As a (young) adult with a care need we offer you the opportunity to participate in the daily life of ESTÁ. In this way we want to help people to a meaningful and enjoyable participation. Doing activities that you feel like doing and at the same time working on personal growth and development.
We offer:

  • Coaching aimed at activating and learning practical skills
  • Guidance in applying learned skills in daily life through repetition and methodical intervention
  • Support with increasing self-regulating ability
  • Parenting support to parents and family members

Are you a student and are you interested in learning with us? Do you want to work with families and individuals with care needs? We offer you an exciting internship and the necessary guidance.

For more information about the Cooperation Workplace you can contact us.