Important for our guests is that we are halfway up a mountain (accessible via a beautiful but possibly somewhat adventurous road) 6 km from Orgiva where there are many shops and restaurants with  terraces and also the medical center, (about 15 minutes by car )The nearest hospital is approximately 45 minutes away in Motril, where also you can find the nearest beaches of Tropical Coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Our Apartamento “Sierra Nevada” 
to use as
*residential or *holiday home or as *educational / *therapeutic / support center
It has 1 bathroom with shower and toilet, a simple kitchen setup with an oven, a small fridge (for solar energy), 1 “bed”room (2,75m. x 3,25m.) and 2 “bed”rooms (both 3,45m. x 3,50m.), a spacious living room (3,20m. x 9,80m.) and a private roof terrace with stunning views.

Our Apartamento “Solé” is very suitable for a single parent with child(ren) or for accompanying supervisor(s)/specialists. It has 1 bathroom with shower and toilet, a kitchen/living area with simple cooking facilities, a small fridge (for solar energy), 1 semi-open sleeping area with 2 beds and the possibility to place 2 extra beds. This apartment shares the completely protected terrace with Paulina and Juanjo and even has a small go-kart circuit.

How to finance your stay at Familia ESTÁ:
As a non-profit organization we depend on donations to be able to offer our facilities as favorable as possible. With your donations we can offer you a unique, well-kept place.

*Apartamento “Sierra Nevada” minimum donation of  225€ (3 nights)
*Apartamento “Solé” minimum donation of  150€ (3 nights)
For longer stays contact us via Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal (0034 699040867)

Our bank account information is: nº; ES42 2100 2505 0102 1010 9994 in the name of “Asociación Proyecto ESTÁ”.  While we appreciate your deposit, we do receive this amount as a non-refundable donation.   

Due to the high hygiene requirements, we invite you to bring your own bed linen and towels.  We can also offer you to use our bed linen and towels for extra cleaning costs listed below: 

*Bed linen    15€ (per bed)
*Towels          2€ (each)
*Bath towel   4€ (each)



For donations; Caixa Bank; ES42 2100 2505 0102 1010 9994 in the name of; Asociación Proyecto ESTÁ
Please mention your name + Whatsapp phone number or email address, we would like to send you a personal thank you!. For anonymous donors, we thank you very much!