We are a growing team of enthusiastic, loving and professional employees and volunteers. Through various activities, based on the principles of ecology and sustainability, we work to improve the autonomy, integration and quality of life of our guests. The association develops its activities in harmony with nature, where there is space and time for personal transformation, inner peace and tranquility.

Familia ESTÁ consists of members / contributors, volunteers and a number of permanent employees. ESTÁ was founded by Paulina Klein Schiphorst with the main goal of guaranteeing her foster son Juanjo a permanent home and appropriate support. For this she has gathered a team of professionals around her to make their home a unique, therapeutic vacation spot that many more people can enjoy. The team includes:

José – guidance within co-workplace & maintenance and development of facilities and terrain
Laura – guidance and therapy
Jesse – guidance and therapy
Gustavo – supervision team
Agueda – guidance within co-workplace & cleaning garden and facilities
Miguel – accountancy
Theo – volunteer terrain
Ineke – volunteer terrain
Lydia – volunteer guidance
Mariam – volunteer terrain
Charley – photography
Ruud – webmaster
Minette – graphic design

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The board of the association consists of Paulina (chairman), Gustavo (secretary) and Jesse (treasurer).